Past Spirit Draft Picks

Past Draft Picks

The following is a listing of all Saginaw Spirit draft classes, since the team’s inception in 2002.

2023 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 14th Overall – Adam Varga (Burlington Eagles U18 AAA)
2nd Round – 34th Overall – Julian Stubgen (London Jr. Knights U18 AAA)

2023 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round – 16th Overall – Aiden Young (London Jr. Knights U16 AAA)
2nd Round – 36th Overall – Jacob Cloutier (Pittsburgh Penguins Elite 15’S)
3rd Round – 44th Overall – Carson Harmer (Huron-Perth Lakers U16 AAA)
5th Round – 96th Overall – Charlie Tretheway (Detroit Little Caesars 15’S)
5th Round – 98th Overall – Will Horcoff (Detroit Little Caesars 15’S)
6th Round – 113th Overall – Tyler Vorstadt (Whitby Wildcats U16 AAA)
7th Round – 136th Overall – Graydon Jones (Peterborough Petes U16 AAA)
8th Round – 156th Overall – Cooper Bordeaux (Detroit Little Caesars 15’S)
9th Round – 176th Overall – Sammy DiBlasi (Detroit Little Caesars 15’S)
11th Round – 216th Overall – Xavier Bussiere (Cambridge Hawks U16 AAA)
12th Round – 236th Overall – Candon O’Neill (Soo Jr. Greyhouunds U18 AAA)
13th Round – 256th Overall – Hayden Barch (Huron-Perth Lakers U16 AAA)
14th Round – 276th Overall – Harrison Kaszubowski (Alpena HS Wildcats)
15th Round – 296th Overall – Cruz Ferguson (Niagara Jr. Knights 16U)

2022 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 1st Overall – Lincoln Moore (Soo Jr. Greyhound U18 AAA)
2nd Round – 21st Overall – Trent Warren (North York Rangers U18 AAA)

2022 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round – 1st Overall – Michael Misa (Mississauga Senators U16 AAA)
1st Round – 19th Overall – Zayne Parekh (Markham Majors U16 AAA)
2nd Round – 24th Overall – Bode Stewart (Mississauga Senators U16 AAA)
3rd Round – 54th Overall – Joshua Glavin (Lambton Jr. Sting U16 AAA)
5th Round – 84th Overall – Kristian Epperson (Shattuck-St. Mary’s Sabres 15’s)
6th Round – 108th Overall – Tyler McGuire (Windsor AAA Zn Jr. Spitfires U16)
8th Round – 144th Overall – Duncan Grube (Alliston Hornets)
8th Round – 161st Overall – Calvin Gardner (Nashville Jr. Predators 15’s)
10th Round – 197th Overall – Griffin Grundner (Windsor AAA Zn Jr. Spitfires U16)
11th Round – 204th Overall – Liam Storch (Detroit Little Caesars 15’s)
12th Round – 224th Overall – Kaleb Papineau (North Bay Trappers U16 AAA)
13th Round – 244th Overall – Connor Bewick (Team Illinois 15’s)
14th Round – 264th Overall – Ryan Koss (Toronto Jr. Canadiens U16 AAA)

2021 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 2nd Overall – Calem Mangone (Soo Jr. Greyhounds U18 AAA)
2nd Round – 39th Overall – Charlie Fink (Mississauga Reps U18 AAA)

2021 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round – 15th Overall – Luke McNamara (Bishop Kearney Selects 15’s)
2nd Round – 29th Overall – Olivier Savard (Toronto Nationals U16 AAA)
4th Round – 79th Overall – Joseph Willis (Chicago Mission 15’s)
5th Round – 95th Overall – Benjamin Poitras (Salisbury School Knights)
6th Round – 118th Overall – PJ Forgione (Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16U)
7th Round – 135th Overall – David Brown (Chatham-Kent Cyclones U16 AAA)
8th Round – 144th Overall – Anthony Cappello (North Jersey Avalanche 15’s)
9th Round – 175th Overall – Reid Daavettila (Detroit HoneyBaked 15’s)
10th Round – 189th Overall – Brendan Lamb (Fox Motors HC 16U)
11th Round – 215th Overall – Zain Milne (York-Simcoe Express U16 AAA)
12th Round – 224th Overall – Sebastien Gervais (Windsor AAA Zn Jr Spitfires U16)
13th Round – 255th Overall – Carter Lawson (Guelph Gryphons U16 AAA)
14th Round – 264th Overall – Luke Baker (Detroit HoneyBaked 15’s)
15th Round – 295th Overall – Ethan Walker (Hamilton Huskies U16 AAA)

2020 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 18th Overall – Nicholas Primomo (Toronto Marlboros MAAA)
2nd Round – 38th Overall – Noah Pak (Oakville Rangers MAAA)
3rd Round – 55th Overall – Ian Phillips (North Central Predators MAAA)


2020 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round – 18th Overall – Adam Fantilli (Kimball Union Academy Wildcats)
2nd Round – 31st Overall – Matthew Jovanovic (Toronto Marlboros MMAAA)
4th Round – 75th Overall – Evan Klein (Waterloo Wolves MMAAA)
5th Round – 89th Overall – Andrew Oke (Detroit HoneyBaked 15’s)
6th Round – 101st Overall – Tyler Duke (Detroit Compuware 16U)
6th Round – 118th Overall – Owen Baker (Detroit HoneyBaked 15’s)
8th Round – 158th Overall – Tyson Wassink (Hamilton Huskies MMAAA)
9th Round – 178th Overall – Ryan Cooper (Huron-Perth Lakers MMAAA)
10th Round – 198th Overall – Brandon Balazs (Brantford 99ers MMAAA)
11th Round – 218th Overall – Dominic Elliott (Fox Motors HC 15’s)
12th Round – 238th Overall – Chase Pietila (Detroit HoneyBaked 15’s)
13th Round – 258th Overall – Sam Lipkin (North Jersey Avalanche 16U)
14th Round – 278th Overall – Brett Fullerton (Burlington Eagles MMAAA)
15th Round – 298th Overall – Jack Oldman (Mississauga Reps MMAAA)


2019 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 18th Overall – Christopher Crocker (Markham Majors MAAA)
2nd Round – 38th Overall – Sebastian Tamburro (Toronto Red Wings MAAA)


2019 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round – 19th Overall – Connor Punnett (North Central Predators MMAAA)*
2nd Round – 30th Overall – Josh Bloom (Toronto Nationals MMAAA)*
3rd Round – 48th Overall – Dylan Duke (Detroit Compuware 16U)
4th Round – 66th Overall – Davis Codd (Detroit Little Caesars 16U)*
5th Round – 88th Overall – Roberto Mancini (Mississauga Reps MMAAA)*
6th Round – 121st Overall – Cole Hipkin (Brantford 99ers MMAAA)
8th Round – 161st Overall – Robert Andreakos (Mississauga Reps MMAAA)
9th Round – 181st Overall – Eddie Maclean (Grey-Bruce Highlanders MMAAA)
10th Round – 201st Overall – Eamon Powell (USA U17)
11th Round – 207th Overall – Jake Barkley (Mississauga Rebels MMAAA)
11th Round – 221st Overall – Griffin Jurecki (Detroit Little Caesars 15’S)
12th Round – 241st Overall – Carter Garvie (Grey-Bruce Highlanders MMAAA)
13th Round – 261st Overall – Bennett Barnes (Detroit Compuware 16U)
14th Round – 281st Overall – Luke Hughes (Detroit Little Caesars 15’S)
15th Round– 301st Overall – Dean Loukus (Calumet High School Michigan)


2018 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 5th Overall – Connor Rudderham (Mississauga Sentors MAAA)
2nd Round – 25th Overall – Isaac Pascoal (Kingston Frontenacs MAAA)


2018 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round – 5th Overall – Cole Perfetti (Vaughan Kings)*
2nd Round – 26th Overall   – Tristan Lennox (Mississauga Reps)*
2nd Round – 33rd Overall –  Ethan Cardwell (Clarington Toros)*
4th Round – 65th  Overall – Sebastian Bulovs (Mississauga Senators)*
5th Round – 84th Overall – Mitchell Smith (Oakland Jr. Grizzlies 16)*
6th Round – 105th Overall –  Ian Lemieux (York Simcoe Express)*
7th Round – 136th  Overall– Carter Mazur (Detroit Little Caesars)
8th Round – 145th  Overall– Kienan Draper (Detroit Little Caesars)
10th Round – 185th Overall– Ty Roberts (Vaughan Kings)
11th  Round – 205th Overall –  Isaac Sooklal (Whitby Wildcats)
12th Round – 225th Overall –  Lachlan Getz (Mercer Chiefs)
13th Round – 245th Overall – Ryan Vellucci (Carolina Jr. Canes )
14th Round – 265th Overall – John Opilka (St. Louis Blues AAA)


2017 U18 Priority Selection

1st Round – 4th Overall – Nate Boomhower (Quinte Red Devils Midget AAA)
2nd Round – 24th Overall – Evan Ferguson (Windsor AAA Zone Midget AAA)
3rd Round – 44th Overall – Bair Gendunov (Mississauga Rebels Midget AAA)
4th Round – 64th Overall – Brandon Atkins (Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves)


2017 OHL Priority Selection

1st – 4th _ Nicholas Porco (Vaughan Kings, GTHL)*

2nd – 24th  – Aidan Prueter (London Jr. Knights)*

2nd – 25th – Duncan Penman (Miss. Rebels)*

2nd – 27th  – Alex Turcotte (Chicago Mission U16)

3rd – 41st – Ryan Stepien (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs)*

3rd – 57th – Camaryn Baber (Soo Midget Greyhounds)*

4th – 64th – D Joe Kennedy (Toronto Jr. Red Wings)

5th – 84th – C Nicholas Zabaneh (Toronto Marlboros)

7th – 124th – D Mason Millman (London Jr. Knights)*

8th – 144th – G Cyrus Martin (Waterloo Wolves)

9th – 176th – Timofey Khokhlachev (The Hill Academy U16)

10th – 184th – Spencer Cox (Culver Academy)

10th – 188th – Stephane Crevier (Sun County Panthers)

11th – 204th – F Dalton Bancroft (Quinte Red Devils)

12th – 224th – D David Paluch (Vaughan Kings)

14th – 264th – G Carter Tahk (Markham Majors)*

15th – 284th – F Jack Burnell (Culver Academy)


2016 OHL Priority Selection

1st Round (4th overall) – Blade Jenkins – Center*

2nd Round (35th overall) – Bode Wilde – Defense*

2nd Round (37th overall) – Maxim Grondin – Center*

3rd Round (44th overall) – Damien Giroux – Center *

3rd Round (53rd overall) – Cameron Lamour – Goaltender*

4th Round (62nd overall) – Chet Phillips- Defense*

4th Round (64th overall) – Jake Goldowski- Center*

5th Round (86th overall) – Mitch Morrison – Center

6th Round (106th overall) – Caleb Everett – Defense*

8th Round (146th overall) – Tyler McBay – Defense

8th Round (152nd overall) – Danny Katic – Left Wing*

8th Round (155th overall) – Cade Murnan-Mechor – Defense

10th Round (201st overall) – Jackson Alexeev – Center

11th Round (206st overall) – Tyler Masternak – Goaltender

13th Round (246th overall) – Dylan Bond – Defense

14th Round (266th overall) – Chase Pletzke – Center

15th Round (286th overall) – Christian Lepone- Center

2015 OHL Priority Selection

6th Overall – Brady Gilmour Center*
30th Overall – Robert Proner Defense*
38th Overall- Kirill Maksimov Left Wing*
45th Overall – Brendan Bonello Goaltender*
47th Overall – Cole Coskey Left Wing*
63rd Overall – Michael Pastujov Left Wing
107th Overall – Nick Campoli Left Wing
147th Overall – Brock Hill Defense*
167th Overall – Carson Pearce Defense
187th Overall – Gianluca Fuoco Center*
207th Overall – Jaxon Camp Defense
226th Overall – Brady Enman Defense
227th Overall – Metteo DiGiulio Center
247th Overall – Danil Sokolka Left Wing
267th Overall – Fedor Rudakov Defense
287th Overall – Jonathan Malowney Center
296th Overall – Jacob Sutton Left Wing

2014 OHL Priority Selection

10th Overall – Tye Felhaber Center*
50th Overall – Keaton Middleton Defense*
68th Overall – Nick Pastujov Left Wing
150th Overall – Jacob Miller Center
170th Overall – Andrew Jackson Right Wing
190th Overall – Joseph Murdaca Goalie*
210th Overall – Troy Williams Defenseman
230th Overall – Igor Larionov Jr. Forward
250th Overall – Cole Robbins Defenseman
270th Overall – Matthew Danner Center
290th Overall – Mitchell Martan Left Wing


2013 OHL Priority Selection

8th Overall – Mitchell Stephens Center*
23rd Overall – Ryan Orban Defenseman*
28th Overall – Michael Holmes Defenseman*
44th Overall – Marcus Crawford Defenseman*
88th Overall – David Ovsjannikov Goalie*
134th Overall – Tarek Baker Winger
143rd Overall – Jackson Bales Center
148th Overall – Kyler Carter Winger
168th Overall – Adam McPhail Winger*
188th Overall – Chase Stewart Defenseman*
208th Overall – Christian Rajic Center
228th Overall – Matthew Scott Defenseman
268th Overall – Brendan VanSweden Winger
288th Overall – Josh Boyko Goalie


2012 OHL Priority Selection

12th Overall – Jeremiah Addison Winger*
32nd Overall – Brandon Prophet Defenseman*
37th Overall – Dylan Sadowy Winger*
50th Overall – Kris Bennett Winger*
62nd Overall – Trevor Abbott Defenseman
87th Overall – Brandon Lindberg Center*
99th Overall – Brandon Lukezic Defenseman
114th Overall – Connor Graham Winger
126th Overall – Lucas Martellacci Winger
134th Overall – Mark Jankowski Center
174th Overall – Boyd Diclemente Goalie
194th Overall – Michael Prapavessis Defenseman
234th Overall – TJ Melancon Defenseman
254th Overall – Quinn Syrydiuk Winger
274th Overall – Kyle Connor Winger
294th Overall – Carter Landry Defenseman


2012 CHL Import Draft

18th Overall – Nikita Serebryakov*
33rd Overall – Andrey Alexeev*

2011 OHL Priority Selection

15th Overall – Nick Moutrey Winger*
36th Overall – Sam Povorozniuk Center*
62nd Overall – Jimmy Lodge Center*
77th Overall – Alexander Smith Defenseman
96th Overall –  Ramon Lopez Winger*
112th Overall – Ian McCoshan Defenseman
157th Overall – Nickolas Hirst Defenseman
177th Overall – Josh Miller Defenseman
197th Overall – Josh Pace Winger
217th Overall – J.T. Compher Center
237th Overall – Lucas Pressini Goalie
257th Overall – Rylee McKinnon Defenseman
297th Overall – Troy Crema Winger


2011 CHL Import Draft

43rd Overall – Vadim Khlopotov*

2010 OHL Priority Selection

13th Overall – Justin Kea Center*
32nd Overall – Jake Paterson Goalie*
33rd Overall – Jacob Ringuette Defenseman*
42nd Overall – Terry Trafford Winger*
84th Overall – Ray Huether Center*
93rd Overall – Jared Rutledge Goalie
113th Overall – Matt LeMasurier Center
173rd Overall – Alex Morgan Winger
193rd Overall – Max Farrill Center
213th Overall – Luke Nogard Winger
233rd Overall – Brett Seldon Defenseman
253rd Overall – Taylor Chick Winger
265th Overall – Wayland Williams Defenseman
273rd Overall – Ryan Tuffin Winger*
293rd Overall – Andrew Copp Center


2010 CHL Import Draft

No Saginaw Selections

2009 OHL Priority Selection

14th Overall – Anthony Camara Winger*
24th Overall – Vincent Trocheck Center*
66th Overall – Alex Lepkowski Defenseman*
70th Overall – Jay Williams Goalie
74th Overall – Paxton Leroux Winger
130th Overall – Frank Schumacher Defense*
134th Overall – Mark Scheifele Center
174th Overall – Billy Ulrick Center
194th Overall – Dominick Shine Winger
228th Overall – Keenan Hodgson Winger
234th Overall – Marc Bessey Defense
254th Overall – Carlton Richard Winger
274th Overall – Joe Fiala Defense
294th Overall – Peter Dudek Goalie


2009 CHL Import Draft

33rd Overall – Tadeas Galansky Goalie*
42nd Overall – Ivan Telegin Center*

2008 OHL Priority Selection

10th Overall – Brandon Saad Winger*
37th Overall – John Parker Center
57th Overall – Dylan Impens Center
59th Overall – Dylan Fitze Winger*
70th Overall – Matt Braun Defense*
74th Overall – Colin Greeley Goalie
84th Overall – Kyle Flemington Defense*
137th Overall – Jamie Oleksiak Defense*
157th Overall – Daniel Clairmont Winger
170th Overall – Gabe Antoni Goalie
190th Overall – Matthew Foubert Defense
210th Overall – David Lazarus Center
230th Overall – Ian Lavigne Defense
250th Overall – Jordan Bailey Center
270th Overall – Jay Llewelyn Winger
285th Overall – Matt Gellatly Winger


2008 CHL Import Draft

28th Overall – Jakub Svoboda Winger*
49th Overall – Richard Jarusek Winger*

2007 OHL Priority Selection

16th Overall – Daniel Pachis Center*
24th Overall – Jordan Szwarz Center*
82nd Overall – Brad Walch Defense*
96th Overall – Robert Visca Winger
116th Overall – Cody Sol Defense*
131st Overall – Anthony Colizza Center
145th Overall – Nick Trecapelli Defense*
156th Overall – John Kavanagh Winger*
195th Overall – Garrett Nikkanen Winger
196th Overall – Jonathan Carmony Defense
216th Overall – Brian Robbins Goalie
236th Overall – Richard Stethem Center
256th Overall – Steven West Defense
276th Overall – Joseph Lepera Goalie*
280th Overall – Sloan Stewart Winger*
296th Overall – Scott Van Allen Winger


2007 CHL Import Draft

No Saginaw Selections

2006 OHL Priority Selection

12th Overall – Nick Crawford Defense*
47th Overall – T.J. Brodie Defense*
72nd Overall – Andrew Clouthier Center*
97th Overall – Ryan Green Center
127th Overall – Kain Allicock Winger*
152nd Overall – Jordan Paton Winger
172nd Overall – Adam Comrie Defense*
192nd Overall – Mark Matthews Winger
212th Overall – Nicholas Diachenko Winger
227th Overall – Joel Roy Winger
232nd Overall – Aaron Pierce Winger
252nd Overall – Zachary Lewis Center
272nd Overall – Jeffrey Campbell Center
276th Overall – Ian O’Brien Goalie
292nd Overall – Ross Henry Defense

2006 CHL Import Draft

33rd Overall – Jan Mursak Winger*
36th Overall – Tomas Zaborsky Winger*

2005 OHL Priority Selection

3rd Overall – Zach Torquato Center*
21st Overall – Anthony Soboczynski Winger*
23rd Overall – Thomas Craig Winger*
76th Overall – Dustin Ekelman Center
92nd Overall – Tristin Llewellyn Defense
123rd Overall – Christopher Breen Defense*
143rd Overall – Thomas Lucas Winger
163rd Overall – Jovica Zelenbaba Goalie*
183rd Overall – Scott Zacharias Goalie
217th Overall – Adam Little Defense
223rd Overall – Ian Meagher Winger
243rd Overall – Craig Rainsberry Center
263rd Overall – Nigel Williams Defense*
283rd Overall – Connor Smee Center*


2005 CHL Import Draft

No Saginaw Selections


2004 OHL Priority Selection

2nd Overall – Matthew Corrente Defense*
22nd Overall – Scott Fletcher Defense*
32nd Overall – Chris Ferguson Center*
48th Overall – Ryan Daniels Goalie*
91st Overall – Keith Mason Winger
102nd Overall – Tim Cavanagh Defense
108nd Overall – Jordan Franke Winger
114th Overall – Luke Moodie Winger
125th Overall – Andrew Marcoux Center
162nd Overall – Andrew Cable Defense
182nd Overall – Dustin Gazley Winger
194th Overall – Joel Workman Center
202nd Overall – Chris Chappell Center*
222nd Overall – Tim Priamo Winger*
262nd Overall – Joseph Schweiger Winger

2004 CHL Import Draft

11th Overall – Marek Kvapil Center*


2003 OHL Priority Selection

1st Overall – Patrick McNeill Defense*
21st Overall – Tom Pyatt Center*
31st Overall – Patrick Asselin Winger*
41st Overall – Chase Crowder Winger*
61st Overall – Phil Kessel Center
82nd Overall – Jamie Klie Defense*
104th Overall – Brad O’Shell Center
118th Overall – Eric Jagodich Winger
120th Overall – Aaron Rock Goalie*
121st Overall – Matt Suggs Winger
138th Overall – Chris Clackson Center
161st Overall – Ben Plocar Defense
181st Overall – Tom Schmicker Winger
201st Overall – Kevin Tuckey Center*
221st Overall – Nick McParland Winger
241st Overall – Greg Fisher Goalie
261st Overall – Jonathan Hunter Goalie
281st Overall – Simon Gysbers Defense


2003 CHL Import Draft

56th Overall – Grigory Misharin Defense*


2002 OHL Priority Selection

5th Overall – Jean-Michel Rizk Winger*
25th Overall – Daniel Borges Center*
38th Overall – Brandon Burns Defense
60th Overall – Kevin Porter Winger
100th Overall – Marty Gurnoe Defense
105th Overall – Todd McIllrath Winger
125th Overall – Michael McKenzie Winger
145th Overall – Ken Blain Center
165th Overall – Jason DeSantis Defense
181st Overall – Matt Pike
185th Overall – Joe Milo Winger
205th Overall – Gene Falsetto Winger
225th Overall – Chase Ryan Defense
245th Overall – Mike Mills Winger
265th Overall – Jamie Silverson Defense
285th Overall – Nick Decroo Winger

2002 CHL Import Draft

13th Overall – Tomas Csabi Winger*


*Indicates that player has played at least one game for the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club.