Front Office Staff

 Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club

5789 State St., Ste.2

Saginaw,MI 48603

(989) 497-7747

Saginaw Spirit Business Staff

Owner/Governor:                                                                       Richard J. Garber
Partner/President:                                                                      Craig Goslin
Chief Financial Officer:                                                               Pat Hengesbach
Vice President of Sales:                                                              Kae Pankow
Vice President of Business Management:                               Lindsay McDougal
Director of Business Development:                                         Dan Weigl
Director of Broadcasting and Communications:                   Leigh Cunningham
Director of Sales and Marketing:                                              Rick Riffel
Director of Game Day Operations:                                           Mike Elliott
Director of Corporate & Ticket Partnerships:                         Claudia Arellano
Director of Corporate Outings & Suites:                                  Allison Vezina
Director of Corporate Partnerships & Social Media               Charley Porter  
Foundation Director & Store Manager:                                    Brad Herron

Saginaw Spirit Consultants

OHL Minor Official Crew Chief:                                                   Shawn Ashley
Graphic Designer, 989 Design:                                                    Shawn MacDonald
Video Production Consultant, Snow Productions:                   Al Snow
Stadium Digital, the official web developers for the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club
Netsource One, web based special projects and services

Garber Management Group

Marketing Consultant and Executive Assistant:                      Laura Biggins
Controller:                                                                                     Ben Denay
Director of IT Services:                                                                Ryan Shepard
Systems Administrator:                                                               Dustin McSweyn 
Network Administrator:                                                               Wesley Stack
Systems Administrator:                                                               Mark Couch
Accounts Payable Director:                                                         Kim Ohland

The Dow Event Center, Managed by SMG

General Manager:                                                                       Matt Blasy
Director of Operations:                                                              Tyler Abbs
Director of Finance:                                                                    Matthew Rick
Food & Beverage Manager:                                                       Doug LaFontaine
Box Office Manager:                                                                   Mary Schiebner 
Event Manager:                                                                            Tammy Walker
Operations Crew Chief:                                                               Jesus Facundo
Finance Accountant:                                                                   Kelly Studer

Saginaw Spirit Game Day Operations

Director of Game Day Operations:                                               Mike Elliott
Assistant Director of Game Day Operations:                             Charley Porter 
Production Assistant:                                                                     Cris Leavitt
Promotions Coordinator:                                                               Jared Martlock
Promotions Coordinator:                                                               Thomas Grantham
Video Director:                                                                                 Drake Whelton
Director of Spirit Ice Crew:                                                            Jenn Malott
Public Address Announcers:                                                         Terry Lenz, Art Lewis
Team Photographers:                                                                    Barry Rankin, Steven Frank

OHL Minor Officials

Mark Anthony, Pat Apsey, Tim Apsey, Shawn Ashley, Gene Ayotte, Bill Bauknecht, Ted Billy, Martin Collison, Bob Colston, Larry Coulouris, Matt Dana, Brett Hall, Jim Jezak, Heidi Krenz, Geoff Krieger, Robert LaChance, Geoff Mead, James Mitrano, Rod Modlin, John Piersal, Danelle Pigott, Bill Pigott, Bob Sleamon, Mike Sobzcak, Erika Wachowicz, Jeff Weiler, Mike Weiler, Marge Weiss, Steve Weiss, Rob Wideman, Dave Woodbridge, Gary Woodbridge